Adamant Composites Ltd.

"Developing Space Structures in Greece the SME perspective"

Adamant Composites Ltd. is a young industrial SME in the field of Advanced Materials and Structures aims to deliver space-approved hardware "Made in Greece", which can be part of space industry supply chain for space satellites or launchers.

Libre Space Foundation

"Building the first Open Source Satellite"

Libre Space Foundation is a non profit organization promoting and creating Open Source space technologies. In 2016 LSF in cooperation with University of Patras designed, constructed and delivered UPSat, the first fully open source software and hardware satellite ever in space and also the first satellite designed and constructed in Greece.

OHB Hellas

"The first Space System Integrator in Greece"

OHB Hellas single member L.L.C, which is a subsidiary company of the German multinational technology group OHB SE based in Germany, has started its operation in Greece. OHB Hellas is owned 100% by OHB SE. OHB Hellas is the first Large Satellite Integration (LSI) implanted in Greece with the ambition to develop space business with the collaboration of the already established local space companies.

EUROAVIA International


Are you excited about Satellites Symposium, hosted by EUROAVIA Athens? Would you like to know about the International Events, the International Working Groups and the way you can be a part of them? Take your chance on EUROAVIA! This lecture will focus on EUROAVIA International and all the opportunities the Association offers the students. All the International Events will be presented, as well as their differences and the respective procedures someone should follow to apply. As far as the International Working Groups are concerned, these are multicultural teams, responsible for the harmonious functioning of the Association.

Dr. Ioannis A. Daglis

"Meeting the Unknown: 60 years of space exploration"

The Unknown has always fascinated humanity. The dawn of space age opened a gate to extraterrestrial worlds. We review some of the major achievements in space exploration.

Mr. Chrysostomos Karakasis

"Implementation of Quadruped Robot's Motion Control on SoC FPGA"

Nowadays, motion control for robots is highly demanding, both in resources and data, while the number of sensors employed in robotic devices has been considerably increased. Simultaneously, FPGAs are equipped with a vast number of peripherals that can be processed in parallel, rendering them ideal for the management of multiple external signals. This presentation will elaborate a thesis that combined the two fields by introducing a centralized control scheme for a quadruped robot, using a System on Chip Development Board that comprises an ARM processor and an FPGA.

Mr. Hercules-Christos Karanasios

"Quality assurance in real-world high precision manufacturing: a short roadmap to ISO AS EN 9100 for the Aerospace Industry"

Quality is a paramount requirement of the Aerospace Industry. By nature aerospace mechanical constructions from micro-satellites to space stations demand the lowest achievable error margin. To meet this demand, real-world manufacturers need to develop and follow strict, standardized manufacturing processes. International standards have been specialized to meet the specific demands of the aerospace industry.

Dr. Vassilis Kostopoulos

"Basics of Space Mechanics"

Why satellite orbits are planar? How you place a satellite in a specific orbit? How you can change the orbit of a satellite? What is the principle of operation of space launchers?
This short lecture intends to provide answers to these questions and to equipped the attendees of the conference with the basic knowledge and a constructive approach of understanding and calculating the basic characteristics of space missions.

Dr. Vaios Lappas

"Small Satellites: Size Matters!"

Advances in small satellite technology, micro-propulsion combined with the availability of low cost launches has made small satellites an instrumental technology for new space applications and space exploration. The talk will focus on describing research efforts in the development and testing of novel, game changing technologies for small satellites, developed previously by the speaker and recently developed at the Applied Mechanics Lab at the University of Patras.

Dr. Alfred Ng

"Overview of Canadian CubeSat Project"

Canadian Space Agency (CSA) launched the Canadian CubeSat Project (CCP) in 2018 . The goal is to provide an opportunity to students in all 10 provinces and 3 territories to design, build, launch and operate their CubeSats. Considering the geographic size of Canada, a pan-Canada project poses unique challenges. In this presentation, the speaker explains how the CCP was implemented and managed. Challenges in managing the project are also explained. Finally, the highlights of some of the CubeSat missions will be presented.

Dr. Evangelos Papadopoulos

"Space Robotics: Dynamics, Control, and Challenges"

This talk will focus on dynamics and control of Space Robotics. Robotic devices in those areas exhibit common characteristics, such as coupled and complex dynamics, nonholonomic behavior, interactions with their environment, under-actuation, and more, making their planning and control very challenging. Analytical studies and experiments will be discussed and results will be presented.

Dr. Vassilios Vescoukis

"Earth observation applications: potential and challenges"

This talk will focus on Earth Observation (EO) and introduce a structured approach to the elements of EO applications, with special focus on environment, natural disasters and energy applications. What is the potential introduced by satellite technology for better prediction and risk mitigation, what does it take to develop such applications and what challenges come along, will be some of the questions to be discussed.

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