“Athens the eye of Greece, mother of arts and eloquence” - John Milton

Athens is the capital city of Greece and said to be the country’s center of culture. A walk downtown will satisfy even the most demanding traveler, as Acropolis is visible from almost every part of the city, and neoclassical buildings take your breath away. In fact, the architecture of Athens is a unique combination of ancient elements and modern ones such as the newly built Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. The city is full of charming old-style neighborhoods, museums, libraries and temples.

For those who appreciate good food, the city offers the chance to taste many traditional dishes, inter alia, the fabled moussaka and souvlaki. Not to mention the nightlife, which is intense as in few places in the world, providing choices, like clubbing and greek bouzoukia. Drinking Greek spirits, ouzo and tsipouro, and dancing to the rhythm of syrtaki in a city’s traditional tavern will soothe your soul.

national technical university of athens

The National Technical University of Athens is the oldest Technical university in Greece, was founded in 1837 and is considered to be a major historic symbol of the city. It consists of 9 schools and its main goal is to ensure that young engineers will be able to contribute to the rapidly advancing technological development and distinguish themselves both in Greece and abroad. 

The School of Mechanical Engineering became a separate school of NTUA in 1975 and since then excels both in Greece and internationally, thanks to its advanced level of studies and to its internationally acclaimed research. The faculty covers a broad range of areas such as energy, the environment, transportation, machine design and the automatic control of technological systems.

euroavia athens

EUROAVIA Athens is the Affiliated Society based in Athens and was established in 2006. It is supported by the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) and most of our members are Mechanical Engineering students. We use the facilities of the university as our workspace for all the projects of our agenda, such as the construction of our UAV.

Ahead of us are the organization of Satellites Symposium and the participation in two international competitions (Air Cargo Challenge & Sloshing Rocket Workshop) making 2019 the most productive business year in EUROAVIA Athens’ history! Last but not least, we shouldn’t omit to mention our local projects, like company visits and promotional events, in our effort to build the wings of our future.

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